The last weeks of quarantine weeks are approaching and boredom might kick in. In this blog we offer everyone a helping hand to get through the coming weeks! With these activities to do at home, you can hopefully keep going for a while. 


Let’s start with something we couldn’t get around to during these quarantine times, we had to cook ourselves. All the restaurants and bars were closed, which means that people suddenly had to cook. Fortunately, we could still expect help from Thuisbezorgd/Uber eats. However, most people had to face the facts: no more dining out. Luckily, this activity at home does not have to be boring and it is also fun to discover what you can actually bake in the kitchen! The supermarkets are still open and with appropriate measures, you can get everything you need to make a star meal. Go to the supermarket and get everything you need to bake a tasty cake the whole family can enjoy. Do you feel like baking even more after making that cake? A world opens up for you with the help of online recipes. Good luck! Let us know how it went by sharing the results! And hopefully soon enough you can start dining out again.

Series / films

Planning to binge-watch your favourite series for weeks? Most people do this but we can imagine watching the same thing for weeks can cause boredom. Make some changes and rediscover movies or series from the past! Relive memories and experience how the entertainment industry has progressed. Have you already put all existing movies and series on repeat lately and are you ready for something new? Ask your family and friends about what they are watching now. There is probably something that appeals to you. Enjoy watching!


Sitting in the same position for too long is not healthy. Starting to experience back pains after binge-watching for too long? Then it’s time to go out and exercise! Sport is a great activity to at home or outside that makes you fit again and a way to lose your energy. In addition, the outdoor air is good for you, especially now that we spend most of our time in and around the house. More and more people have started running, rollerblading or walking, this might be something for you too! Get off that couch, get your sports outfit out of the closet, and go out while keeping your distance!

Cardio is not everyone’s thing. Do you like to exercise, but do you prefer to work with weights? The Internet is currently flooded with people who want to help you by sharing their knowledge through exercises and useful tips! No weights at home, but would you still like to work out? Get creative and grab a few stones, weigh them with a scale, and put them in a bag. With this, you can do many different exercises and stay fit!


Reading is not only interesting, but also healthy for you and your brain! Now is the perfect time to start reading a book. Everyone has a book in their house that was once purchased but never read, now is the time! By reading the time passes quickly and it is also a mental exercise for you, no matter how young or old you are. Books are now more accessible than ever, and often also very cheap. You can choose from different formats (hardcover, paperback, digital), making it a lot easier for everyone to read. In addition, you do not have to leave the house when you read a digital book. This way you are an ideal citizen by staying at home and you keep the brain active! Reading is also very good for children, as the schools are closed, many children will read less than before. By stimulating reading, they can do what they normally do at school.

Organize a tasting

Have you been in the kitchen for so long that you can now feed an entire orphanage or do you have too many recipes you want to try? Organise a tasting! A great activity to do at home with friends or alone. Of course within your own family or you can bring food to family and be your own food delivery service. Is cooking not your talent? The sun has reappeared and most people don’t say no to a drink in the sun. Mix the best cocktails or enjoy a healthy smoothie with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or friends offline or online! This way, you are still together and enjoy a nice evening/afternoon in the sun and you might even find your new favourite drink!


If the previous options don’t appeal to you, it might be an option to pick up your old hobby. Did you use to play an instrument, which is now hidden away in the attic? Time to save him and pick up the old hobby. Sit down and plan a few hours every day to exercise. And oh yes, don’t forget to throw a note in the neighbour’s mailbox to apologizing for the noise you may be causing!


You might have planned a visit to the Rijksmuseum or another museum somewhere in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, that plan didn’t work out. But we got you! Because it is currently not allowed to actually visit museums, many museums found a way to come to you!  Check out the website for more information and find out what is going on. And, did you know that Keukenhof shares several videos of the park? This way you can still enjoy all the beautiful tulips! And take a look here to reserve your tickets for the museums once they are open.


Do you notice that your children are completely sucked into their game computer? Time for variety! Get the board games like Monopoly, Risk, or something else out of the closet and beat your kids in the offline game world. Have you got the idea to play some old traditional Dutch games, but you don’t know exactly how they go? We will help you with that! Soon we will tell you all about the most famous old Dutch Games. We wish you loads of fun!

Hopefully, through all these tips and ideas, you have regained enough inspiration to keep the quarantine going. Do you have any other tips, tricks or ideas of activities to do at home? Let us know!