Every year, Keukenhof Park hosts an event for the locals of the Netherlands and tourists to see the flower gardens and experience spring after long, dreadful, and extreme winters. The best time to visit these flower gardens in Keukenhof Park is from mid-March to mid-May. And you can snap up an entrance ticket HERE.

This year, the event will be starting on the 24th of March and will end on the 15th of May. This means that you have almost eight weeks to visit this park and enjoy natural beauty in its true sense.


With the Covid-19 pandemic going on, a lot of fun activities and tourist attractions are closed or operating on lower capacity, especially the activities that normally take place indoors. Keukenhof 2022 gives tourists and locals a chance to visit flower gardens and take full advantage of the opportunity to experience spring 2022 in its full spirit. You can travel in style from Amsterdam and even skip the line when you arrive.

This park is spread over 32 hectares and there are approximately seven million flowers that create a magical experience for you. The flowers that are common and found in abundance are tulips, which mark the beginning of the wonderful season of spring, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, and many others.

If you visit the Keukenhof park to see the beautiful flower beds, make sure you do not stop at that. There are amazing indoor shows in different pavilions which show different kinds of art and flower shows.

Best time to see flowers:

The best time to visit the Flower Gardens in Keukenhof Park is not always the same because of the unreliability of the weather of the Netherlands. The growth of flowers is obviously dependent on the weather. Sometimes, the flowers were fully grown in the first week of January. In one of the years, the flowers did not blossom until mid May.

The most famous attraction in these flower gardens is the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens. Tulips in their best shape are mostly seen from March to April. The tulips outside the Keukenhof Park are mostly taken off after April 30th. Therefore, if you are visiting Keukenhof Park for the tulips, you must make sure you go there before this date.

Mainly, the growth and blooming of the flower depends on how extreme or mild the winter was. Therefore, the temperature of January, February, and March really matters to know which is the best time to visit the flower gardens.

To see the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens and hyacinths, you must visit in April till the beginning of May. If you are fond of snowwhites and crocus, February and March is a good time to admire their beauty. Daffodils are mainly found in their best shape in March and April.

Keukenhof Theme 2022:

Every year, the Keukenhof Park goes by a theme to host the flower show and flower gardens. This year, it goes by the theme of “Flower Classics”. In this theme, they are going with classic flowers of roses and tulips which signify love and spring respectively.

With the pandemic being curbed with the vaccinations, more and more events are restarting. Therefore, do not miss any opportunity to have the best of experiences to admire these flowers and immerse yourself in different activities. You might also like to take the opportunity to enjoy the gardens and a spring canal cruise.