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BODY WORLDS: The Happiness Project

There is nothing closer to us than our own bodies and yet we often know very little about them. At BODY WORLDS Amsterdam you will go on a fascinating journey through the human body. There are  real human bodies which have been plastinated on displays at the exhibition, which gives you a unique look at our anatomy and how our bodies work.

After enjoying international success all over the world, with tours in more than 100 cities in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia, and more than 47 million visitors since 1995, this unique attraction has settle down into several permanent exhibitions. Are you ready to experience this unforgettable experience? Pay a visit to the permanent BODY WORLDS exhibition in Amsterdam

What is BODY WORLDS Amsterdam?

The BODY WORLDS Amsterdam museum has different exhibitions across its seven floors, which have undergone significant changes and taken on different incarnations throughout the years. The exhibitions have through the years have looked at the effects of health, sports, and diet to the anatomy of animals. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam has been reinventing itself over and over again and educating people by taking a look beneath the skin.

Dr. Gunther von Hagens is the creator of the BODY WORLDS exhibitions. He invented the process of plastination at the University of Heidelberg in 1977. The original exhibitions have been the subject of imitation by countless copycats, but they remain unmatched in terms of quality and innovation.

The current theme in Amsterdam is The Happiness Project and focuses on the effects of happiness on our well-being. Perhaps you are wondering ‘are the bodies at BODY WORLDS are real?’, the answer is yes. This exhibit has more than 200 real human bodies on display, which will show you how our mood can affect our health and vice versa.

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  • See 200 Real, Plastinated Human Bodies
  • Experience a Free InBody Scan 
  • See how your daily choices affect your body and mind


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Created with Sketch. Damrak 66, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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